(This twine's name is pronounced "emoji spaceship.")

Created coincidentally during the Twine 10 Year Anniversary Jam; submitted because it fits the criteria. It's 10 passages long and authored in Chapbook.

The game is free to play, but an optional donation will get you emoji farm, a farming simulator prototype I designed a few years ago with a similar aesthetic, as well as a warm feeling inside for your support.


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I got nothing but debris - I must've upset the RNG gods D:

This was fun! Seconding others on it being less randomized, but it's still pretty neat as-is. I like the emojis and adventure-y-ness.


Oh no, how odd! If you want to see the rest of it, the random seed is based on the date and time you start a playthrough, so if you hit restart, that may appease the pantheon.

I'll keep in mind for future projects that a "bad luck bonus" may be useful, to prevent the seed messing with someone's experience like that.

I think the game has potential, but because it is all random the player doesn't interact too much. Maybe you could try to get the player more involved!

I don't plan to update the game at this time—my challenge to myself was to make something quickly and call it done—but thank you for your feedback.

A lot of coding obviously went into this.  It could theoretically be turned into a perpetual game, but I'm glad there was an actual goal to work towards, even though everything was randomised.  My favourite parts were making friends with aliens and catching up on reading, both things I would likely do in real life.  Very cute.

Thank you for the comment! :)